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I have grown my career to the point where I am seeking a long-term, lasting business relationship closer to home. A position such as Project Manager with XOR would not be just another stepping stone to a glorious resume.' (I already have a glorious resume,' thank you.) Now I want to be part of a team effort producing cool web stuff in the town I've come to love.

If you'll contact the folks I've worked with they will tell you that I'm punctual and dependable. While I take all matters of business seriously, I default to Fun Guy by nature--they'll probably tell you this too.

I went through my Hungry Years, my Prima Donna years, my Attitude Years and have settled into a comfortable life-view that revolves around successful projects. The satisfaction of a well-run and well-received project is a gigantic pay off for me.

Team spirit, mutual respect, love for the medium, and professional experience add up to the kind of guy even I would want to hire. If XOR's website gives an accurate impression of what your company is about, then XOR is the kind of team I would like to join.