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My tool kit contains Photoshop; Illustrator; Debabelizer; BBEdit; MediaCleaner; Premiere; DeckII and of course, Word. My back pack contains Bryce2 and Opcode's Vision. Santa brought me Director6, Flash and AfterEffects -- the last three I haven't conquered yet. The rest I use on a regular basis and have for years. I happen to prefer the Mac platform (so shoot me) but I worked for the past 12 months on a Windoze PC. (We all have to adjust.)

When I owned my own shop I personally sought out, signed and produced projects for the likes of Mattel Toys, Redken Labs, ABC Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, etc. For the past year I was tasked with meeting the needs of multiple members of various departments within the DiveIn organization: Product Development; Marketing; Promotions; Editorial and Advertising. Dealing face-to-face with clients, whether internal or external, requires a certain Love For People in general.

Your job description mentions print experience being a plus. My personal philosophy about the web is that the old metaphors (pages, bookmarks, columns, etc.) which draw upon the Dead Tree print world should make way for what the medium is capable of delivering: a multimedia audiovisual experience.

But I have Quark if I need to bone up.