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  XOR The Digital Foundry is based in Tiburon California. When U S West pulled the plug on Boulder's Interactive Video Enterprises, an elite group of engineers became the Colorado arm of the Foundry's operation. At the time, The Digital Foundry's core business was CD-ROM production and the Boulder operation provided a quick entree into the world of the web.

The Digital Foundry


When I signed on with The Digital Foundry they were a CD-ROM house. They have since left the content business and morphed into an "NT Solution Provider." I was attracted to The Foundry by the fact they wrote the Windoze code for The Beatles' Hard Day's Night CD-ROM.

My responsibilities included all artwork necessary for the various CD-ROM products (two versions of HomePC Magazine's "Sneak Peeks," the "RomRats" CD-ROM and a special E-3 disc for Computer Resellers Weekly).

The Digital Foundry spun off its Boulder division which became Amplitude Software Corp. I was invited to move to Tiburon California (with no increase in compensation) and I chose to stay in Boulder.