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  XOR I joined U S West Interactive Services' DiveIn two months before launch and helped them get it up and operating. DiveIn covers ten markets and while it may seem to have a local presence in each, all operations were centered in lovely Englewood Colorado, land of the rolling parking lots.

U S West's "DiveIn"


Reporting to the vice president of Product Development, I was responsible for scheduling production, coordinating internal and external resources and meeting release dates. Our job wasn't to maintain the product--it was to grow the product. The focus of the Production Department was new features, special promotions, ad sales support and expanded editorial microsites. The Production Department consisted of myself, an artist and a producer/programmer addressing the daily needs of a nationwide online product.

Met regularly with requesters from various departments to determine the scope and timeline of their projects. Prioritized tasks for our sole in-house HTML programmer/producer to determine feasibility within project/resource parameters. Directed in-house and freelance artists. Presented to and obtained final approval from requester and vice-president.

Provided additional production as necessary. HTML tagging of user-submitted articles, coordination of special projects such as live celebrity chat and prototyping of individual "microsites." Answered all email to the DiveIn Webmaster; met with and evaluated outside companies seeking work with DiveIn, preparing executive summaries of their technologies for our vice-president.