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  XOR Amplitude Software Corp. is a Boulder-based start-up. The company grew out of and away from the parent: The Digital Foundry. For a year I worked for both. Tim Carlin steered the new company away from service-oriented content work towards web-based business tools. West Coast investors saw the wisdom in this and continue to throw money at him.

Amplitude Software Corp.


Worked closely with engineering staff to produce an online e-commerce store called Game Gallery Online, and a "shrink-wrapped" intranet product called "Reserve."

My task was to propose screen layouts and create all artwork necessary for the applications. I also made coffee every morning and barked at solicitors.

Our Reserve product became the core of Amplitude's fund-raising efforts. So far they have attracted millions from various rumple-shirted rich boys on the west coast. You can read all about it on their website.